[olug] Pre-orders for APC IO are Up

aric at omahax.com aric at omahax.com
Tue Jun 12 14:41:49 UTC 2012

I am struggling to come up with a practical use for this.
It doesn't have serial connections to be used as a programmable automation
controller.  It doesn't output in 1080p so it shouldn't be used as an
HTPC.  It doesn't have 2 NICs so it shouldn't be used as a router.

Considering the HTC Evo 4G was released 2 years ago this month and it was
typically sold with a 2 year contract the market is likely to soon be
flooded with devices that have more features, if nothing else, a built in
uninterpretable power supply.

> Hey Guys,
> Looks like the pre-order page for the APC is up and live.  I've ordered
> the two I'm allowed.
> Link to page talking about the APC - http://apc.io
> Link to pre-order page http://apc.io/orders/pre-order
> Price is $49.00/each, but $35.00 shipping or $43.00 shipping if you buy
> two.
> Android is going to be their main O/S but they say it will be unlocked so
> it will only be a short time until other O/Ses are on the board.
> Regards,
> Aaron
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