[olug] Video Capture Project Update

Joseph Gulizia joseph.gulizia at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 12:16:09 UTC 2012

An update to video capture project...

Thanks to Jon Larsen and others at the last OLUG meeting I looked at
Zoneminder which led me Blue-Cherry.  Blue-Cherry sells video capture cards
among other things.  Talking with them they said to use MPlayer.

They gave me the following code:

mplayer tv:// -tv

So now I have decent looking video from either a camcorder (Canon ZR-960
Mini-DV) or a DVD player (older Coby) running through the card.  I also
tried the code and camcorder using a Dazzle device and got video.

Next steps:

1)  Being able to save the videos and then find them
2)  Getting audio to work.
3)  Building a simple GUI that allows the users to:
     choose video format (PAL, NTSC) and passes parameters that we have
pre-set  (python if I had my choice)

Trudging through the MPlayer docs........somewhat frustrating....lot to

Using Mencoder I get errors when I put in "-o FileName" at end of string

mencoder tv:// -tv

Also I know a destination path goes somewhere --


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