[olug] Co-lo in SE Nebraska

aric at omahax.com aric at omahax.com
Fri Jul 27 18:28:47 UTC 2012

In my DR plan offsite backup is for situations like the building blew up
or got hit with a tornado.  I typically back up to a FreeNAS box locally.

For offsite backup:

At work I use CoSentry’s EMC Avamar for backups.  It is nice because it
does de-duplication and granular restore from Exchange mail boxes.

For my side jobs I have a Dell 2950 with Syncrify at Joe’s Datacenter that
costs me $50 a month.  The 2950 came with a DRAC.  If you ship them the
server you never actually have to go to KC.  They will do simple hands on
stuff for free like reboot add RAM, HDD etc and they will let you borrow a
KVM over IP if needed.

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