[olug] Co-lo in SE Nebraska

Sam Tetherow tetherow at shwisp.net
Thu Jul 26 20:15:11 UTC 2012

Yes Futuretk does offer colo in Omaha.  I don't have pricing in front of 
me, but if you let me know what you are looking for I can get you a quote.

On 07/26/2012 03:10 PM, Obi-Wan wrote:
> Hey all,
> It's been a while since this topic has come up.  What options are there
> for co-location (not VPS or web hosting, but true co-location) in the
> Lincoln/Omaha area?
> Last December, Sam mentioned Future Tech, but their web site currently
> makes no mention of co-lo options.  Did this ever materialize?
> My company is looking for a place to host a backup file server, so
> we'll need a few U and a heckuva lot of bandwidth.  I'm not sure if
> KC is too far away for us or not.  Probably.

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