[olug] Help w/ my server

Kevin sharpestmarble at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 21:39:12 UTC 2012

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 4:31 PM, Sam Flint <harmonicnm7h at gmail.com> wrote:
>> First thing you'll need is dynamic DNS; my stock answer to that is to
>> purchase the domain from dyn.com and use the dyn.com nameservers.  You can
>> set it up so your server will regularly report its IP to dyn.com, so anyone
>> trying to reach yourdomain.com (or whatever) will be able to find out the
>> current IP.
> Um, no, I've had issues with dyn.com
You don't need to use dyn.com; any service providing dynamic DNS will
work. I'm currently using no-ip.com for my home system.

>> From there it's a matter of setting up the various services on your server,
>> and any flavor of Linux should do.  The only one of those that could be a
>> problem is SMTP if your ISP blocks port 25 traffic, so see if you can find
>> out what restrictions, if any, they put on port 25 (or any other SMTP
>> ports).
> And yes, Cox does block all common SMTP ports.
Cox blocks 25, 80, 135-139. These are the only ports blocked from
1-1056. So your web-serving might have to be done from
http://your.domain.tld:8080/ or something similar.

>> You can also set up this server to work as a router, so you can put one or
>> more home users behind it.
I do this right now.

>>> so, i have a new server that i'd like to run from home, short of
>>> getting business internet(which is an option), what do you think i
>>> could do to get it working as a web/ssh/smtp/pop/imap server?
I would also change the default ssh port. Yes it is security by
obscurity, but it does block virtually all the bots from guessing your
password(if you have it enabled). I have disabled root ssh logins; if
root tries to log in, they will get an "auth failed" msg even if they
have put in the correct pw. You might also consider disabling remote
ssh password logins.

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