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No offense but if it's a prod with that half bitten Apple...not gonna buy. Even if it's a better product. They do have really good products, I just don't agree with their proprietary approach. Really appreciate your input on this tho! Didn't know there was a real diff between GPS's but guess that makes sense. Turn by turn probably good for wife to have. When I drive with wife she's my GPS... just tells me where to go all the time LOL. Thx for info Craig!

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If you need turn by turn, voice instruction GPS service, go Android.
If you are part of the Apple ecosystem (iTunes), go iPhone.  There are
reasons to go either way, figure out what you need, what you want,
what you can't stand and THEN look for your mobile device!

I really like my iPhone and am really looking forward to iOS 6 this fall.

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On Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 12:32 PM, Obi-Wan <obiwan at jedi.com> wrote:
>> I hate cell phones and need to replace my blackberry. Would like to have smartphone with GPS and be able to talk.... any recommends?
> By "GPS" do you mean navigation capability with maps, or do you just
> mean E-911 service (which transfers your GPS location to the operators)?
> If the later, pretty much any phone (smart or dumb) made today will
> suffice.  If the former, pretty much any smartphone made today will
> suffice.  If those are really your only requirements, then I recommend
> you choose based on price and physical size.
> I find that cnet.com and engadget.com have good reviews of most cell
> phones, so see what they have to say before buying.
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