[olug] RAID chassis recommendations

aric at omahax.com aric at omahax.com
Tue Jul 10 20:27:16 UTC 2012

Don't use system drives.


"The FreeNAS™ operating system is a running image. This means that it
should not be installed onto a hard drive, but rather to a USB or compact
flash device that is at least 2 GB in size. If you don't have compact
flash, you can instead use a USB thumb drive that is dedicated to the
running image and which stays inserted in the USB slot. While technically
you can install FreeNAS™ onto a hard drive, this is discouraged as you
will lose the storage capacity of the drive. In other words, the operating
system will take over the drive and will not allow you to store data on
it, regardless of the size of the drive."

The Perc 5i does virtual disks so if you really wanted to put the OS on a
hard drive you can just make a small virtual disk out of the 6 disk raid 5

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