[olug] RAID chassis recommendations

Obi-Wan obiwan at jedi.com
Tue Jul 10 17:45:20 UTC 2012

I need a new drive array to use in my server rack at home.
Minimum requirements:
  * 2U tall
  * holds at least 8 hot-swap SATA drives
  * has at least 2 GigE NICs
  * external USB3 is a plus, but not required

I plan to run openfiler (or similar) on this.  It will initially be my
backup array for all the machines in my house, but may eventually also
host my (in-house) shared media from a different RAID set in the same
chassis (hence the 8 drives).

Anybody got any recommendations?  Quickly browsing NewEgg shows the
cheapest matching chassis is $1100 (diskless), which seems a lot more
expensive than I was expecting.

If any of you have any recommendations on models, or even retailers,
I'm all ears.

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