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Mon Feb 20 00:26:34 UTC 2012

maybe installing packages from source.

it can a little tricky coming from the pre-compiled world of proprietary

the available library of software is greatly increased, and the user gets a
safe glimpse of the programmer's experience possibly sparking interest in
learning to code.

the knowledge learned also enforces the importance of being able to read
the source.
On Feb 19, 2012 9:01 AM, "Jay Woods" <woodsjay at cox.net> wrote:

> The installation of Linux as a project has died a natural death. Modern
> distributions are pretty easy to install.
> Deeper understanding of major pieces of software for Linux is being done by
> the presentations at the monthly meetings. Although, it tends to turn into
> 'major in size' but 'minor in usage' which limits the attendance at the
> meetings and doesn't handle the installation of cranky major pieces of
> software.
> My example of 'cranky' is being able to install, compile, and execute a
> development copy of KDE on Fedora 16 so I can run GDB. What I am
> suggesting is
> a reactivation of the Linux Installfest but not just a Linux distribution
> but
> also those major 'cranky' system of packages. We could have a list of
> systems
> desired being built up for the six months along with volunteers to
> demonstrate
> how on our own computers. This would give time for a little give and take.
> For
> my F16 KDE example, it might turn out to be on Debian or LinuXMint. Or it
> might be that there is a developer's version of F16 KDE on DVD; just
> install
> it. Or it might be that, what the mentor does, is lead me to creating that
> including all the developer documentation.
> If the above is too ambitious for a particular system, a cut-down version
> on,
> say, KDE-PIM or DVD creation or developer documentation packaging would be
> steps toward giving classes at AIM or MCC on the full version. Acquiring
> these
> skills would be leading us as a community being able to give back to the
> linux
> community as a whole as developers (at least as better informed bug
> spotters).
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