[olug] What Is Next

Paul Lewis phldml3 at cox.net
Sun Feb 19 20:39:16 UTC 2012

I have to agree with Jay,

Even as an amateur, I OK getting Linux onto a machine.  But I'm having 
problems with things like Webmin and MythTV.  That's where I could use 
installation help.

On 1:59 PM, Jay Woods wrote:
> The installation of Linux as a project has died a natural death. Modern
> distributions are pretty easy to install.
> Deeper understanding of major pieces of software for Linux is being done by
> the presentations at the monthly meetings. Although, it tends to turn into
> 'major in size' but 'minor in usage' which limits the attendance at the
> meetings and doesn't handle the installation of cranky major pieces of
> software.
> My example of 'cranky' is being able to install, compile, and execute a
> development copy of KDE on Fedora 16 so I can run GDB. What I am suggesting is
> a reactivation of the Linux Installfest but not just a Linux distribution but
> also those major 'cranky' system of packages. We could have a list of systems
> desired being built up for the six months along with volunteers to demonstrate
> how on our own computers. This would give time for a little give and take. For
> my F16 KDE example, it might turn out to be on Debian or LinuXMint. Or it
> might be that there is a developer's version of F16 KDE on DVD; just install
> it. Or it might be that, what the mentor does, is lead me to creating that DVD
> including all the developer documentation.
> If the above is too ambitious for a particular system, a cut-down version on,
> say, KDE-PIM or DVD creation or developer documentation packaging would be
> steps toward giving classes at AIM or MCC on the full version. Acquiring these
> skills would be leading us as a community being able to give back to the linux
> community as a whole as developers (at least as better informed bug spotters).

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