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It seems like the sentiment is usually something like:  "if I can fit it in, I will try to make it", instead of "I will put it on my calendar, and be there unless something urgent comes up."

If everyone would just treat it that way, we'd have great turnouts.  This is the I.T. world.  Everyone has stuff come up.  If these luncheons are a waste of your time, let Jon know why, and let's work to fix that.  Here's a thought. What about some sort of incentive?  (Not for me, because I try to attend them.)  I know a handful of folks who would love to pick up the whole lunch tab, if they can pass out a few biz cards.

Just my 2 cents.  

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Keep this discussion separated from the February lunch discussion.

Hello All,

If you attended the last meeting or watched the meeting video, you'll know what I'm about to discuss.

I would like to submit a change to the OLUG luncheon from having a monthly lunch to a quarterly lunch, always at the same location.  I know it is difficult to make the luncheon, and having different locations has helped in the past, but there are no reports coming from any of these locations that a lunch occurred.

Please submit your new lunch location ideas to me in an email off list.  
I will compile the suggestions and create a poll for you all to vote on.  Please have your ideas to me in an email by February 29th.

When submitting your ideas, please keep a few things in mind:

- We would prefer a local establishment, but will take national chain locations.
- Space should be enough for 10 - 15 people to have lunch.
- Good Parking
- What part of the quarter do we hold the lunch, first, second or third month?
- A centralized location, around mid-city.

Jon L.

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