[olug] OT: Bandwidth Requirements for VOIP

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Sun Dec 23 16:45:43 UTC 2012

I'll second Lous comments.  Even at five calls times 60k is well below the
1MB of the low end data rate plans.  If you dont have Internet for them
yet, look at the low end business class options from Cox.  Their SOHO
option I had the past couple years was only  $30/mo than regular home
internet, but the QoS was separate from the Cox home users so snow days
didn't affect performance.  Another plus is your a business so you get
priority in the repair queue.

On Dec 23, 2012 9:36 AM, "Lou Duchez" <lou at paprikash.com> wrote:

> When you say "VoIP", do you mean you'll be using Vonage, or Asterisk, or
> what?  Is there a particular goal you're trying to meet by switching to
> VoIP?
> The minimum bandwith is pretty much a function of the compression -- a
> call can take 10k or 60k, depending.  Also, faxes don't tend to work that
> well over VoIP, and certainly not with G.729 compression (the low bandwidth
> kind).
> And if you're using DSL or cable modem for both VoIP and Internet traffic,
> you may experience dips in quality if the VoIP is competing with downloads.
>  QoS can help, but it can really only help with the outbound part of the
> call; the prioritization of traffic coming down the pipe is decided by your
> ISP.
> I find that VoIP can be as reliable as regular phone service, but to
> really do it right you need a business-grade VoIP product provided by a
> carrier like XO, and it will likely involve buying a phone system.  Cheap
> VoIP over a DSL can work pretty well, for the most part; but if your
> business is utterly reliant on your phones, hiccups and problems caused by
> cheap VoIP may hurt your business more than you save.
>  I'm looking at moving my wife's office over to VOIP this year. There are
>> currently 2 lines supporting 4 users.   Fax traffic is less than 20 pages
>> a
>> week in/out.   Talk time can be sometimes be quite lengthy when dealing
>> with
>> the IRS or clients.   What would you recommend as a good bandwidth level
>> to
>> support the office?  Are the other questions I should be asking?
>> Thanks!
>> Dave Thacker
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