[olug] Network Mapping

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 20:07:00 UTC 2012

Your network needs dedicated always running software such as cacti or one
of the others already mentioned.

FusionInventory.org is a newcomer to snmp mapping (it already has a kitchen
sink) but other parts of the project have been for about 12 years.   I was
testing out a much older version of their network mapping component when i
found out i had YAHDDF (Yet Another HardDiskDrive Failure) on the server.
FusionInventory does run as a service all-the-time, but you would probably
want something dedicated to just networking.

The stuff i mostly have used came on a LiveCD (probably BackTrack /
RemoteExploit) and generated graphs but the name escapes me now, anybody
remember?  This type of software is good for one off type stuff.
i had tried out netmap and jnetmap before on Ubuntu but it isn't in a
repository for the CentOS machine i am using now.   There is something else
called netmapr.

You might want to install iperf / jperf from a repository as well to
manually verify speed between nodes, but cacti will do that automatically.

Repo        : rpmforge
Summary     : Shows network diagrams
URL         : http://www.nethack.net/software/netmapr/
License     : GPL
Description : netmapr is a simple SDL-based network diagram program that
aims to be quick
            : and easy to use without a huge list of library requirements.
It supports
            : NetViz-style "drilldown" into nested diagrams.

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