[olug] A mythtv mythtery

Jason Troy jason.troy at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 18:01:12 UTC 2012

Random reboot mythteries suck because they take time to figure out.  My bet
is hardware.
Look for bad Caps (Dell had some lower quality caps for some time in the
past). Check hardware temps / voltages and double check your ram.  You
might get lucky and find its a bad power supply as was the case on an older
dell I picked up. Make sure smart is enabled on your drive / scan for
errors (my dell drive also was in bad shape as well). I use a $90 3rd party
tool (free upgrades for life) - contact me off list (not a OS specific
program) but no need to advertise for them.
Good luck!
 On Apr 21, 2012 12:19 PM, "Dave Thacker" <dthacker at bluestrain.net> wrote:

> The characters:
> Mythbuntu 11.10-Running both front and back end
> Hauppage PVR-350
> Dell Optiplex 210L/P4 3.0 Ghz/2 GB Ram
> I built this last weekend and set up recordings.  The system stayed up for
> 5
> days and recorded about 15 shows.  When I play any show back, the system
> spontaneously reboots anywhere from 1-5 minutes into the show.  Top tells
> me
> the system is bored and is not swapping during playback.  I see no smoking
> guns in these logs:
> kern.log
> syslogl
> mythbackend.log
> mythfrontend.log
> Where should I look for clues next?
> Thanks!
> Dave
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