[olug] Email a report on SSH

irish.masms irish.masms at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 04:37:39 UTC 2012

On 4/20/12 9:14 AM, David Cannon wrote:
> 1.  I was looking into port security and came across "Knocking".  Has
> anyone used "Knocking" to open a port?
> 2.  Anyone know a good place to get information on the setting it up to
> email me when someone tries to log in? I want to know the originating IP
> address and the password they used.  Passwords will all fail but I would
> like to know if someone is foolishly trying to brute force it and where
> they are coming from.  I would like an email sent to me each time it
> happens.  I did find a couple sites detailing a way to email when someone
> logs in, but I am more interested in finding out when someone fails.

As already mentioned, a better solution than #2 is implement fail2Ban
and alternate port. But remember, where ever you are attempting access
from needs to have that port open; and you may be attracting attention
to yourself.

There was a presentation from a fellow OLUG member on port knocker,
though it was many years ago. Use a client to port knock/handshake with
the SSH server you are connecting to, which then knows to allow the
authentication process to start. With this, you would not have to worry
about moving ports.

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