[olug] Docsis 2 vs 3 on Cox

Jason N dashrender at cox.net
Fri Apr 6 00:04:22 UTC 2012

Awesome.  Looks like I'm going to buy a new cable modem tonight.


---- Brady Cox <brady.cox at gmail.com> wrote: 
Hey All,

Just going to let you all know... I just got a Docsis 3 Cable Modem to
replace my old Docsis 2 one.

Speedtest.net to the server in Omaha was 16.84/2.75 immediately before
and 49.48/3.18 immediately after.  I am paying for the highest tier
under the 'Ultimate' one.

Do yourself a favor.  Upgrade your cable modem.  If anyone wants to
buy my old one, name your price.
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