[olug] Somewhat OT: Google Jobs

Brady Cox brady.cox at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 22:01:17 UTC 2011

Hey All,

Disclaimer: This is a personal appeal, I am not HR, so I may have some
details wrong or incorrect, or they could change.

Every once in a while someone will ask me if we have open positions.
While there are other positions open, I'm just going to focus on my

First off, we don't deal with electrical and/or HVAC stuff, another
team (that is also currently hiring) does that, so please ignore that
part.  This job is our entry level position.  It's a 6 month temp
contract.  However, if you are passionate about hardware (and know it
well), have solid networking skills and you can actually diagnose
hardware in a Nix command line environment it's *possible* that you
could get slotted higher.  We are looking to get multiple people in
for this, so polish up that resume.

The other position we have open is for a manager.

This person could end up being MY manager, so know the following
things.  You should have all the technical knowledge that someone who
could get hired for the role above has.  You should be able to
actually DO that job.  If you have an ex-manager (or current) who is
totally kick-ass, then send them our way.

If anyone has questions feel free to ask me personally.  Know that
there are some questions that I cannot answer, like what our
hardware/distro is, how many people we employ, etc.

I was planning on going to the meeting next week, so if you feel like
waiting until then that's fine.  Do you guys still hit up the bar

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