[olug] [OT] SSO --> Windows? well sort of

Chad Homan choman at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 19:14:24 UTC 2011

I tagged this OT because it's primarily focused on Solaris and Windows.  But
the information discussed here should
translate back to linux fairly well.  Or better yet, translate back to
Soalris.  Also there is a window of opportunity for
a linux based solution, but for what I do that is still some undisclosed
time in the future.  Off to the discussion...

1) Has anyone used (or had success) something like gnome-keyring to
implement an SSO -like authentication to
windows via an RDP client (specifcally srwc, but
rdesktop/vinagre/remina/srwc would help too.  Ironically I may need
to support Citrix as well, but baby steps first.

Background:  We are looking to provide out Solaris based users,
"streamlined" access to their windows account.
Call is SSO, a bad idea, whatever you'd like too.  Even if helps you sleep
better, because it's not my idea.  Coming
from linux is a future option that I am trying to drive here, yeah.  But for
the meantime I am stuck with Solaris and their
10 year version of Gnome (aka JDS).  Other caveats are TX and SRSS, but
neither of these should be an issue up front.
Passing PKI style certs or card tokens is an option if someone can point me
to ActiveIdenty GOLD Client for Solaris
or a card token client for windows

2) Does anyone know of pam stack alterations that can be used to talk to PKI
via ActivCard Gold?  And, has anyone played
with openOTP?

I apologize, my ADD is kicking in. Anyways, this can be broken up better in
the upcoming discussion.  So the floor is
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