[olug] [OT] What is a fair price for an iPhone 3GS? Or where to

Craig Wolf cjwolf at mpsomaha.org
Mon Oct 17 16:39:31 UTC 2011

I am selling my 32GB iTouch also for $150 if anyone is interested.  I went iPhone on Friday.  8)

>>> Obi-Wan  10/17/11 11:13 AM >>>
This just showed up on Craig's List in Lincoln over the weekend:

iPod Touch 3g 8GB - $110

> +1 to an iPod Touch or Galaxy Player.
> Because an unlocked iPhone is $600-$800, old iPhones that aren't tied to a
> contract are inflated in price, when the iPod Touch equivalent is
> considerably cheaper. An old 3GS will be used, and won't be in perfect
> shape. You're likely going to spend $200 or more for it. Or you can get a
> new iPod touch that has the iPhone 4 processor, additional RAM, will be
> brand new and is the same $200 price.
> On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 9:18 AM, Jon Larsen  wrote:
>> Or maybe a Samsung Galaxy 4.0 player.....
>> On 10/17/2011 07:59 AM, Craig Wolf wrote:
>>> If he does not want the phone portion, get an iPod Touch.  Same thing
>>> without the phone portion.
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>>>> Dan Linder  10/16/11 8:18 PM>>>
>>>>> My dad is looking at getting an Apple iPod/iPhone use as a
>>> PDA/MP3/Web-browsing, but he doesn't want the extra expense of the phone
>>> service (he likes his simple Motorola flip-phone that's 5+ years old).
>>> In the wake of the 4S announcement, my sister and her husband are
>>> upgrading
>>> their iPhone (3GS-32GB IIRC).  I'm suggesting he offer to buy one from
>>> them,
>>> but just use the WiFi and don't activate it with AT&T.
>>> His question to me was "What's a fair price to offer to buy them?" and I
>>> don't really know a good price.
>>> Gazelle.com will pay $140 each, and I see them for sale on eBay for $220
>>> (I
>>> don't think my sister wants to sell on eBay...).
>>> Maybe this is the better question - since he does't want a phone, where do
>>> others on the list buy working/used electronics devices?  (I know of
>>> Tech4Less.com, but that's the end of my list...)

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