[olug] [OT] What is a fair price for an iPhone 3GS? Or where to purchase used and working electronics?

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Mon Oct 17 01:17:13 UTC 2011

My dad is looking at getting an Apple iPod/iPhone use as a
PDA/MP3/Web-browsing, but he doesn't want the extra expense of the phone
service (he likes his simple Motorola flip-phone that's 5+ years old).

In the wake of the 4S announcement, my sister and her husband are upgrading
their iPhone (3GS-32GB IIRC).  I'm suggesting he offer to buy one from them,
but just use the WiFi and don't activate it with AT&T.

His question to me was "What's a fair price to offer to buy them?" and I
don't really know a good price.

Gazelle.com will pay $140 each, and I see them for sale on eBay for $220 (I
don't think my sister wants to sell on eBay...).

Maybe this is the better question - since he does't want a phone, where do
others on the list buy working/used electronics devices?  (I know of
Tech4Less.com, but that's the end of my list...)


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