[olug] ot: any interest in a printer?

Will Langford unfies at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 05:39:05 UTC 2011

Have an HP Color Laserjet 5 / 5m ish like boulder of a printer thing....

looks a lot like:


in an interest of making it easier to move / discard, started to remove 
bits and pieces and it looks like it might be in alright shape so 
quickly just put it back together (didn't use a screwdriver on it... was 
all just fuser / drum stuff).

has networking and possibly a font cartridge installed.  has toner.

some important cosmetic issues (button panel description plate missing - 
buttons and lcd still work, a side corner chunk of plastic is off but 
have that sitting around if someone feels like epoxy).


since it looks like it might be in alright shape, and i recall that it 
did print several years ago....

does anyone want the thing ?

cost ? getting it's 160lb self out of my apartment :)

bug me off list (unfies at gmail.com)


if you're thinking about this as a free printer for day to day use - be 
warned - 20-30min delay until first page (if i recall correctly) :).


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