[olug] Computers & stuff need new home

Obi-Wan obiwan at jedi.com
Mon Nov 28 06:17:18 UTC 2011

I'm cleaning house.  I have a Dell Dimension 2350 that needs a new home.
It's approx 9-10 yrs old.  2 GHz Celeron, 768 MB RAM, fresh install of
WinXP Home SP3 on a 40 GB HDD.  PS2 mouse, keyboard, and 15" LCD monitor
included (all Dell brand).  I might want $20 just because of the monitor.

I also have the following to unload for free:

Cisco 675 DSL modem (Windstream).
SpeedStream 4200 DSL modem (Windstream).
DataPilot software for LG phones, including a couple phone cables.
Symantec PCAnywhere retail software

I've also got an 12" Apple iBook (PPC) "dual-USB" that's taking up
space.  It has a bad hard drive that needs replacing, and I'm told
that's a time consuming task.  Since I'm not able to to wipe the
HD myself & I don't want to take the time to replace it, I'm unsure
what to do about it.  Suggestions?

I'm located in Lincoln.

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