[olug] iSCSI SAN Recommendations for VMware / XenServer

Hurley, Rod RHurley at TENASKA.com
Mon Nov 21 17:09:41 UTC 2011

You will love Compellent, even with Dell at the helm.  Flexible, fast, with built in disk tiering, (they call it fluid data).   Been through IBM SANs, sister company had Xiotech Emprise and it blew up on them (support told them they had no fix, and I'm not joking here), and tried to like EMC but just couldn't.  

Just my 2 cents, but spent 3 years evaluating, testing, researching.  Got Compellent a year ago, and it is head and shoulders above the rest, especially if you like visibility into what your SAN is doing, and why they cost so darn much.  Vmware and Xenserver api's make it integrate directly with their consoles.  (You can carve luns right from virtual center, and see everything from there if you want.)  More features you may/may not use like Live Volume, but there if you need them.

I don't sell Compellent, but I am sure glad I got it.  


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We have Xiotech Emprise 5000's and they work great.  Five year warranty and no maintenance contract and they just sit there and hum.


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> Do you guys have any recommendations?  So far I have looked at a EMC 
> Celerra NX4.
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