[olug] [OT - Jobs in SFO, CA] Programmer, Threat/Intel, and a Reverse Engineer

Irish irish.masms at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 01:18:51 UTC 2011

Hey fellow OLUGers - this is OT, since the jobs are here in the SFO
South Bay area of Cali - but knowing how networked fellow LUG members
are - or how some of you many not be looking forward to the upcoming
winter, I though sharing what we are looking for may be prudent. :)
Thank you for your attention, and for passing along to any colleges
who may be interested.

We have a handful of positions in the SFO South Bay area  with
Mandiant [http://mandiant.com/], as well as positions in SFO proper
and around the Washington DC area. All the positions are on the
Mandiant career page
but the three positions we are actively looking to fill for work in
the Mountain View area are:

Programmer: Someone with Perl, Python, *NIX scripting experience.

Threat/Intel: Someone familiar with technology, who can connect the
dots with open source and closed source reporting to determine and
recommend the optimal mitigations for the threats and actors.

Reverse engineer: Someone who can pick apart the unusual or unique
malware sample to determine and recommend the optimal mitigations for
the threats and actors.

Position to apply:

Full details are listed in the posted position description on the
career site – background in different operating systems and networking
environments a plus. Having Security or Network Operations Center (NOC
or SOC) or Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) a big
plus. A willingness and desire to learn is a really big plus.

A: No.
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