[olug] smart phones recs / Linux integration

Dan Anderson dan-anderson at cox.net
Sat May 28 04:19:53 UTC 2011

I love my Samsung Galaxy S (Epic 4G).

It's a decent phone out of the box, but when you pair it with a nice big
Seidio battery - it becomes an awesome phone.

Smart phones with big fancy bright screens and multiple network options are
great - but their battery life is too short.

You don't normally really sync Android phones with a PC.  (I guess you could
- there is sometimes software from some of the phone manufacturers, I've
never used it.)

I sync everything that I sync via google, over the network or I just mount
it (very rarely) like a USB drive and copy stuff to/from it.


On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 10:40 PM, Eric P <eric.maillist at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm finally getting around to really wanting a smart phone.
> I stopped by Verizon today and saw a ton of Android models I've never heard
> of.  I'm also open to an iPhone, but I know
> there's no official software support for Linux and I get the feeling that
> Linux iPhone support (from the open source
> community) is maybe not all there.  I could be wrong.
> Can anyone tell me their experience using an iPhone 4 on Linux?  What can I
> expect to work and what doesn't work?
> And for Android devices is there anything I can't do under Linux that the
> "lesser" OSes can do?  Anyone have an Android
> device that they believe is hands down awesome?
> Thanks for any input...
> Eric
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