[olug] Linux on a Lenovo laptop.

Donn Shaffer dshaffer at shafferstevens.com
Fri May 27 21:02:14 UTC 2011

I'm on my second T series Thinkpad, (running Mint now). Both have been 
very good. They are generally well supported. thinkwiki.org has a lot of 
good model specific information.

Donn S.

Jason Zeisler wrote:
> I'm considering my next laptop purchase. One of the models that I'm looking
> at is the X-series from Lenovo. Has anyone had any issues with installing or
> running Linux on any of their hardware? I'm not sure what distort I will
> install. Possibly Ubuntu since that is my desktop OS. Any suggestions on
> different Linux friendly laptops?
> Thanks,
> Jason Z.
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