[olug] directnic.com down

George De Bruin sndchaser at gmail.com
Fri May 20 18:30:34 UTC 2011

I've been using namecheap.com for several years now...  works well, and have
had zero issues with them.  I also have some web hosting with them, and have
found their support to be excellent (they literally helped migrate a
database from another domain and hosting service to a new domain on their
servers about an hour, and have handled several other requests in minutes).

Another friend has been using GKG for several years - he seems quite happy
with them.

So far it sounds a like a 2-2 for both namecheap and GKG. :)


On Fri, May 20, 2011 at 11:59 AM, Obi-Wan <obiwan at jedi.com> wrote:

> OK, speaking of registrars, what's the cheapest .com registrar out there?
> I'm going to be rebranding my photography business, and I want to register
> several variations on the name just to protect the brand and allow for
> possible future expansion.  I won't be advertising these secondary domains
> in the foreseeable future, though, so I hate to spend a bunch of money
> on an uber-reliable registrar.  Just somebody that will forward HTTP
> requests to a different domain would be sufficient.
> I've used both Network Solutions (Verisign) and GoDaddy in the past,
> and have no complaints with the technical performance of either.
> What's the down side of the cheaper, lesser-known registrars?  Is it
> just the ease of managing multiple domains?
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