[olug] Server config revision control

Jay Hannah jay at jays.net
Wed May 18 21:36:22 UTC 2011

On May 18, 2011, at 4:05 PM, Adam Lassek wrote:
> Puppet looks really interesting, but at first glance it looks like a Turing tarpit for my purposes. I'm just looking for a simple versioned backup system.

I back up /etc on various servers using subversion. (I use git for source code, but subversion is simply more convenient for storing collections of random directories on random servers.)

I call the subversion repo "admin" and it has this layout:


So I have a single repo with all the admin stuff from all servers in one place and I can "svn diff" in any directory I care about anywhere and see if anything has changed.

For change notification you can have a cronjob run 'svn diff' and email you the output. If there is any, then you have uncommitted changes. Shame!!  :)

Simple (if you're comfortable with svn) and free.



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