[olug] Server config revision control

Adam Lassek adam at doubleprime.net
Wed May 18 20:59:24 UTC 2011

I was aware of etckeeper, but I thought that was dpkg-only. Does it support an RPM distro? Would I be able to install it on RHEL5.6?

On May 17, 2011, at 11:08 PM, Christopher Cashell wrote:

> On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 8:33 PM, Adam Lassek <adam at doubleprime.net> wrote:
>> I'm looking for something that would watch /etc or any set of files I configure and automatically push changes to a git repository. Does anything like this exist?
> If git is a requirement, check out etckeeper
> (http://kitenet.net/~joey/code/etckeeper/).
> Description from the Debian package:
> The etckeeper program is a tool to let /etc be stored in a git, mercurial,
> bzr or darcs repository. It hooks into APT to automatically commit changes
> made to /etc during package upgrades. It tracks file metadata that version
> control systems do not normally support, but that is important for /etc, such
> as the permissions of /etc/shadow. It's quite modular and configurable, while
> also being simple to use if you understand the basics of working with version
> control.
> It includes a cron job that runs daily to commit any changes.
> If git isn't a hard requirement, and you just want to store changes
> (possibly with automatic e-mailing of diffs), check out changetrack
> (http://changetrack.sourceforge.net).  One of my favorite tools, it's
> a self-contained perl program that requires nothing more than cron and
> rcs.  You configure what directories/files to monitor, and setup a
> cronjob to run it periodically (I run it hourly).  It will check in
> the file changes along with sending an e-mailed unified diff of the
> changes (if configured to).  Due to the usefulness of it along with
> the negligible effort to install and configure it, changetrack is one
> of the tools that gets installed on almost every server I manage.
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