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Tue May 10 22:41:25 UTC 2011


wow, figured the WL-520GU would be beefier than the RT-N12, I was thinking
of the RT-N16.

Yeah that buffalo is a beast.  but..."beefier CPUs and much much more RAM"
considering bang for the buck we got 2 dual 3GHz / 4GB ram poweredge 2850s
off craiglist for $100 each a few weeks ago.... One is a pfsense box now.

The solution to this problem has to be in town and fast.  If it were my
problem I'd be thinking like some old recycled Optiplex gx280s.

I guess electricity usage could be a factor.

> Most of the BuffaloTechnology routers have dd-wrt builtin for
> professional users and also offer an optional more consumer friendly
> firmware.  In the past, BuffaloTech products had beefier CPUs and much
> much more RAM than other systems, but have not checked to see if that
> still holds.  The following dd-wrt system has dual radios and Gigabit
> ports and the price just dropped $70 to $100.00.
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833162047
> i found the soho routers could not handle the number of  dhcp clients
> and became the transmission bottleneck on our LANs on which there are
> over 100 nodes.  Since have moved to tinc-vpn on vyatta and find it so
> much faster.    Guus just released a new version which should fix the
> window clients PMTU problems.
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