[olug] Moving Mailman lists off-site

Obi-Wan obiwan at jedi.com
Fri May 6 19:29:55 UTC 2011

> If you have a couple mailman lists on your mailserver, but wanted to move 
> to google mail handling, how would you use them with Google Apps for Domains?

That reminds me...

I'm not interested in switching to gmail, but I've got a handful of
mailman lists running on my personal box, and I'd like to move them
off to something outside my home in an effort to return my desktop
box to more of just a desktop.  These are all low traffic lists with
no more than 100 members on the largest one.  Most are less than 30

What's the best/cheapest alternative out there for hosting such a list?
I want to keep them private; no web archiving or other bling required.
The ability to allow largish attachments is a plus -- something I don't
currently allow due to bandwidth limitations.

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