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> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2
> decent rundown of grub2.  Installing a distro should go fine as long
> as you can tell it not to update grub.  After it's installed, boot to
> the distro that installed grub2 and run the command "update-grub"  If
> you have the os-prober (usually installed by default) then grub2 will
> probe all partitions to detect other OSes.  This might work... I
> haven't tried it for any OSes other than windows.  Any answers I've
> needed on grub2 I found in that document.

Yes, that is the part that screws up grub.cfg every time Ubuntu puts out a new kernel.  That is one polluted, stinking pile of dog doo software.  Haven't figured out how to make it do what it should (create one entry for new kernel, relative to currently running system only) instead of what it wants to do (create entry for currently running system using EVERY FREAKING kernel I have in my /boot directory, plus a second entry for "safe mode" or what ever).  I spend more time fixing this problem each new kernel release...

Kevin D. Snodgrass

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