[olug] OT: i r stoopyd

Will Langford unfies at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 02:28:29 UTC 2011

>> It's keeping a cache of the headers, though... so... on start up you can
>> still see a bunch of subject / from / etc.
>> Wonder what eudora open source is like.
> I'm gonna say Mutt, here, but you already knew about that.
> -- 
> m


I .... debated a texty email client, but decided against it.

Dunno if the last original paid for Eudora is still available or not.  
There's a download link on the site but not sure if I can still get it 
as a full version.  If it did what I wanted, I'd gladly pay for it.  The 
current Eudora open source is just a skin on top of Thunderbird to make 
it more eudora-ish.

There's an add on to thunderbird that allows ya to prompt for the master 
pass on startup before it even brings up the main window.  Installed 
that and I'm a bit more content.

There's still doubts / questions about the headers or emails that are 
stored locally on the computer and if they're encrypted or what not.... 
will continue to dig.

Going forward with the thunderbird stuff does mean that this is possibly 
a bit less off topic, at least.


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