[olug] Single Rack Room Cooling Solution

Shannon ridgid at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 00:10:11 UTC 2011

is the total 25,000 BTU system keeping the room cooled down enough?
if so you already got your answer as to how much cooling you need.
whats more important is where the room is located compared to the
outside. could you use a split system with the condenser outside. and
do you have room for  an air handler in the room.

you could use a standard air handler like
with short  ductwork run and a remote condenser

or maybe a couple of these

both of which you would want to add Condenser Fan Cycling Control so
you will not have problems when its cold outside

My friend Chad Longstein may be able to help with info and quotes
Pro Tech Equipment Service
303 SW 25th St. Suite #8
Lincoln, NE. 68522

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