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Trent Melcher trentm at q.com
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Nope, we had a similar issue with recording the service for podcasts,  could
only record the sermon, none of the songs can be legally recorded whether it
audio or video even under the CCLI license.


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Is that covered at all under the CCLI rules?

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On 12/7/2011 8:43 AM, Obi-Wan wrote:
>> I have been asked to find a new way to stream a church service online.
>> The church has been running everything microsoft, users that use 
>> Firefox or Chrome can't see the service they have to used Internet
>> Anyone have any ideas for software to use for streaming the catch is 
>> they need to keep their windows server. network admin is a newbie to
> I can't help with the software, but if the church is streaming the 
> entire worship service, they should check into the legal ramifications 
> of broadcasting contemporary songs, which are all copyrighted.  I know 
> our church (Lincoln Berean) had to avoid doing that because of 
> licensing issues.
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