[olug] cgsecurity.org TestDisk recovered the unrecoverable

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 22:24:53 UTC 2011


cgsecurity.org's testdisk program has been mentioned on this list before.

This is the end of 3 miserable days of "Nothing works, NOTHING EVER works!"
The kicker was when the virtual machine image i was using as a source
became corrupted.
Clonezilla fdisk, cfdisk showed it as NTFS.
Windows showed it as RAW and kept prompting me to format ... luckily i
actually looked at that OK message dialog.
i ran testdisk on the CloneZilla live cd.
testdisk analyzed the partitions and recovered everything (Well, at least
this VM boots).

Still haven't gotten anything done, but at least now i don't have to go
back to the very very beginning.

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