[olug] Basic cheap local hosting?

Lou Duchez lou at paprikash.com
Mon Dec 5 01:01:22 UTC 2011

I went for years from one hosting company to another, and in each case, 
at some point tech support failed me mightily.  At the last company, 
after a seventeen-day server outage because I couldn't get past tier one 
tech support, I resolved to host my own site.  Just about any old 
computer will run Linux well enough for a low-bandwidth site, and now 
when I need to contact tech support, the guy may be a jerk but he takes 
my problems seriously.  It's been five years now and I haven't looked back.

I assume you've got DSL or cable at home; how much to add a static IP 
address?  If static is too pricy, you can always get dynamic DNS thru 
www.dyn.com or elsewhere.

> I need to host a low bandwidth Wordpress site. Really, I don't need
> anything more than a shared hosting account. But everyone I've tried
> doesn't allow me to do page caching, so performance is pretty poor.
> I actually just signed up for a hosting service the other day because the
> sales staff assured me without a doubt that I could do opcode caching. I
> migrated my domain and site over, only to find it isn't enabled on the
> server. In fact, pretty much any Apache module I need for that caching
> plugin isn't installed and they're not willing to install any of them,
> including some really basic/common modules like mod_deflate and
> mod_rewrite. The technical staff state that no one should have reason to
> use those.
> After migrating this site five times already from one terrible host to
> another, I'm curious if anyone on this list can recommend a good, cheap
> service, or if they one of their own?
> I could rent a VPS through Linode, except that seems overkill for a single
> Wordpress install that will get minimal traffic.
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