[olug] Linux Hosting

Kenny Kant kenny.kant at running-config.com
Sat Aug 20 17:51:14 UTC 2011

Hey all..  Not sure if I posted this question in the past or not but 
anyway.   I am looking for suggestions for a good (cheap?) Linux hosting 
provider and or other suggestions.

  I am currently with BlueHost which has been great but I am starting to 
hit some limits on their terms-service.  More specifically I host a 
mailman mailing list for one my college alumni groups and they now put a 
hard cap of 100 subscribers for their lists. ;(  In addition I often 
times hit their 700 messages per-hour limit.  The list has only 240 some 
members on it but if a discussion get's hopping then I will hit this. 
Aside from the mailing list all I use the account for is email.  All 
this for $99.00 a year.

So my questions:

I am looking for suggestions for a good (cheap?) Linux hosting provider. 
  No bells or whistles and does not have to be a big name place. 
Somewhere close to the price Im paying now.  Again to host mailman and 
any possibly some email.

I can use Deja Mail or whatever on Bluehost which does not have these 
limits.  Anyone ever used this for a discussion based mailing list?  (I 
like mailman)

It may be time to think about bringing this in-house.  I know there have 
been threads on here talking about ISP's in Omaha ..etc  Am I correct in 
my understanding that the only way to get a static-ip with Cox is to 
bump up to Business Tier ($79.00 ish) per month? Is there no way to get 
a static with residential?  Any Qwest DSL and/or Internet Nebraska users 
here care to relate how well your service works in Omaha and what 
options you have for statics?

Thanks all!


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