[olug] [OT]: Job Posting: Enterprise Systems Analyst

Christopher Cashell topher-olug at zyp.org
Tue Aug 9 22:27:25 UTC 2011

There is an open position on my team at work.  We're not 100% Linux,
but we spend more time dealing with Linux than with any other OS.  The
job is great for those who enjoy dealing with lots of different areas
and technologies, or who's specialty is being a generalist.  Our work
is primarily system administration and application administration, but
underneath the Network/Telecom division (so we're dealing with, and
are expected to know, networking, too).  Our official focus is on
"Network Monitoring"; we don't run the network, we run the tools and
systems that monitor and manage it.

Things we might deal with on any given day:

- Linux Administration
- Windows Administration
- System logs and Syslog
- Perl Coding
- Shell Scripting
- Solaris
- TCP/IP Packet Captures
- Virtualization
- Network/Application Troubleshooting assistance
- Server Hardware
- Network Devices, Sniffers, and Taps
- Netflow
- IPTables
- Various Commercial and Open Source Monitoring Tools
- Researching new Tools
- Developing Best Practices

As you can see, we cover quite a bit of ground (and I know I'm
forgetting some stuff).  As such, this isn't an entry level position.
We're looking for someone at least a step above that.  You should have
a good couple of years of IT experience, preferably with some sort of
system administration focus.  We don't expect anyone to be an expert
in all of these things, but having familiarity with multiple items
listed would be a plus.  Also, a drive towards learning new things and
improving your skills is very important.

I can't find the position posting online right now, so feel free to
send your resume to me, and I'll forward it to HR and the hiring
manager.  If anyone has questions about the job, the company, etc,
feel free to e-mail me directly and I'll answer as best I can.


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