[olug] OT - Items For Sale

Jon Larsen relayer at levania.org
Tue Sep 14 11:44:23 UTC 2010

Conditions of sale:

You must contact me off list to make arrangements.

No shipping, we can meet-up to do the transaction, maybe at the next 
OLUG luncheon or meeting.

For sale:

Asus Eee PC 701 4GB - $85
1 GB RAM (ugpraded from STD 512 MB)
2.5 years old
Fedora 12
swap and /home on 512MB SD Card

HP Photosmart M417 - $40
5.2 megapixel digital camera
3X optical Zoom
128MB SD Card
powered by 2 AA batteries

Palm Tungsten E2 - $60
128MB SD Card
AC Charger and Sync Cable
Extra USB Sync and charge cable

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