[olug] Off topic: Roku box users?

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Mon Oct 18 20:33:02 UTC 2010


You wrote:

> I would recommend the HDHomeRun from SiliconDust. Have been running run
> with MythTV for 2 years with little problems.
> http://www.silicondust.com/products/models/hdhr-us/

After my purchase the KWorld USB tuner card, I'm looking for another
solution.  For $30 it works ok under Windows with their drivers, but it's
another case of "Same model, different chips inside" and now Linux won't
work with this "Version 2" device. :-(  (It was reported working the week
before so I purchased it...)

The SiliconDust option is very enticing.  For about the same price as a
Hauppage USB device and I won't have to fight driver issues, plus the
manufacturer seems to treat Linux on equal footing to the Windows and
Mac/Apple users.
 * I haven't found a "how it works" link on their page...  I assume a PC
talks to it over some protocol, this tunes the channel, then sends the video
signal over a TCP/IP packet across the network to that same PC which then
saves that to a local file?
 * What is the resulting file format it sends to the PC?  Or is it a
proprietary format and the resulting file on disk whatever format you choose
to (re-)encode as?
 * Do you get your signal over-the-air, or via Cox or QWest cable?


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