[olug] OT - Openoffice

Dan Anderson dan-anderson at cox.net
Fri Oct 15 19:30:35 UTC 2010

Open Office is really pretty good.

Up until you need to collaborate with someone using MS Office.  Then
the weirdness starts.

As long as you don't try to edit the files in both MS and OO you're
usually pretty ok - even with some of the more advanced formatting
stuff (no compatible macros though - which is often a problem).

OO imports and exports pretty well.  But yeah...

I use it for home.  My kids use it.  My wife uses it.

But if I have to do something for work I pull out MS Office for the
"interoperability" (cough, cough) that everyone using the same
proprietary program brings.  :)


On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 10:44 PM, Will Langford <unfies at gmail.com> wrote:
> comments section seems to congeal into a sentiment that OOo is fine for
> hobby / home use, but that it isn't so useful in a full spreadsheet jockey /
> office dweller scenario.
> It's been years since I've used any OOo / Office app, so ... while I may
> think OOo is just fine, I'm sure there are regular Office users who would
> disagree.... and I can't really offer a 'recent' opinion.

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