[olug] myth + COX firewire HD

Kenny Kant kenny.kant at running-config.com
Tue Oct 12 23:34:11 UTC 2010

  I should also note that the firewire port working may not be by 
default.  I did have one support call early on because I could not use 
the firewire test program successfully.   It did not magically turn 
after the call however when I tried a week later it worked.  I wrote it 
off as wierd reboot sequence foo... but there were support calls made 
were I specifically asked about the firewire port.  Cox responded by 
saying that they dont "support" the port but it was enabled.


On 10/12/2010 8:28 AM, Dan Linder wrote:
> Hey, congrats on the setup.  Looks like either I had a bad DVR box, or 
> Cox has fixed/updated their systems to permit firewire.
> Dan
> On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 23:18, Kenny Kant 
> <kenny.kant at running-config.com <mailto:kenny.kant at running-config.com>> 
> wrote:
>      Well I can now report back that my Firewire setup seems to work
>     with my Mythtv system.  I have my Cox digital box here in Omaha
>     hooked directly to my Mythtv backend server and all seems well.  I
>     am able to tune in most of the channels from Cox using the
>     firewire connection and receive the full HD picture even the more
>     "premium" channels such has HGTVHD, ESPNHD ...etc which is
>     exciting.  I need to go through and remove some channels that I
>     dont subscribe to like HBO ..etc but I was expecting to have to do
>     that.  In addition I use a PVR-150 as a second tuner so I need to
>     do some schedule lineup cleaning but that is more related to me
>     learning to live with 2 tuners for the first time.
>     The setup of the firewire was not that bad.  I pulled a lot of
>     information from:
>     http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/FireWire
>     Mythbackend setup detected my Firewire connection.  I am using the
>     Motorola DCX-3200M box from Cox with the speed set to 100 megabits
>     and broadcast mode.  I also had to use the 6200ch external channel
>     changing program and make sure that Myth used it for that device.
>      The newest 6200ch code has support for the DCX-3200M box but I
>     did have to get into the source and manually tell it which "node"
>     my cable box was identified as on the bus before I compiled.
>     So anyway all there is HOPE for HD and Mythtv.  I will be testing
>     over these next couple of weeks and reporting back.
>     Kenny
>     On 10/8/2010 4:17 AM, Will Langford wrote:
>             At the end of the day, my end objective is to have myth
>             serving up my High
>             definition, recorded content to upnp media clients, ps3
>             for example as well
>             as other myth frontends. Finding torrents for my favorite
>             shows is a real
>             pita lately, and I just want to automate my content
>             recording and possibly
>             transcode out the commercials! and I'll be damned if I
>             spend any money on a
>             news feed just to grab video!
>         I'm really looking forward to knowing how the firewire works
>         out.  I've been
>         tempted to take the plunge but can't justify the time sink...
>         glad someone
>         else local is gonna try it out for me :).  Granted, I've grown
>         very
>         accustomed to multiple tuners, so... I'll end up paying a fair
>         bit more for
>         cable setup if firewire does indeed work.  2 Cox Box's rent a
>         month, extra
>         cost of digital cable, and then the $20 firewire card and a
>         few TB of disk
>         storage.... and possibly hardware upgrade depending on the
>         load firewire
>         puts on system.  I'm glad I went with a bigger sized HTPC case
>         rather than a
>         nifty little book-sized system.
>         As far as the Hauppauge HDPVR, a coworker got one a few months
>         back and
>         recorded some PS3 game play to it.  Looked real nice :)
>         Just for a har har har:
>         Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay have all of the torrents I
>         want burnt to
>         DVD already.  Really convenient to go and spend just a few min
>         to pick out
>         what I want and walk out the door with it in an already
>         archived commercial
>         free high quality format.... or have it waiting on my desk at
>         work....
>         Granted, there's the pesky chore of having to rip the DVD to
>         store'em on the
>         HD for ease of playback.... but for me, the time it takes to
>         find what I'm
>         looking for as well as download and verify and hope it's of
>         good quality...
>         not to mention possible legal repercussions ... it's just
>         cheaper (in just
>         pure time spent alone) to amazon/ebay/walmart it.  In the hour
>         or two it
>         takes to do all of that... your hourly wage surely covers the
>         'retail'
>         cost... and I'd rather much do something more constructive /
>         useful with my
>         time than web crawl / verify :)
>         Then again, I take the same approach to computers.  If I can
>         spend $X and
>         not have to fight with it for Y hours.... then... $X is
>         cheaper than trying
>         to hack it together.
>         -Will
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