[olug] Apache MaxClients and monitoring connections.

Obi-Wan obiwan at jedi.com
Tue Oct 5 21:03:48 UTC 2010

>> I'm working on sizing an Apache installation using the MaxClients parameter
>> to limit connections before it impact other shared services on this system.
>>  The Apache system will log when the MaxClients is hit, but I can't
>> determine how to get Apache to tell me how many clients it's currently
>> running.  (I'm hoping to log these numbers during their work-day and help
>> them determine a good size that balances responsiveness with the other tasks
>> on the system.)
>> Is there a debug or logging option I'm missing?
> # ps aux | grep apache

Or more specifically (using specifics for my install),

# ps aux | grep /usr/sbin/apache2 | grep -c www-data

However, it's my impression that Apache doesn't ever actually terminate
an idle instance.  It starts them when necessary to field incoming
requests (subject to MaxClients), but when said request has been handled,
it leaves the instance running to save overhead the next time a request
comes in.  I'm not aware of any way to tell how many instances are
concurrently busy.  I haven't looked in a long time, but there may be
a way to tell idle instances to die after some period of inactivity.

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