[olug] Off topic: Roku box users?

James Ringler jringler at plainspower.com
Sat Oct 2 14:56:26 UTC 2010

On 10/1/2010 12:33 PM, Dan Linder wrote:
> Anyone a user of a Roku box on the list?
> I'm looking at ditching my Cable TV, and go to NetFlix+Amazon Video On
> Demand for my TV.  (Possibly add a small Myth TV box to capture local
> over-the-air stuff via antenna.)
> Anyone gone down this route that wants to share experiences and hints?
> Thanks,
> DanL

I've bought one right when they were released..  In the early days, it 
was pretty limited,   Now it's a little better than ok..   the movie 
selection from Netflix is somewhat lean but steadily getting better.    
They have recently added new programming sources, but nothing to 
exciting yet.

If you're looking to save some $$$ I can see that as a nice 
accompaniment to an over-the-air antenna and online tv sources.


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