[olug] Help data recovery

Will Langford unfies at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 07:31:01 UTC 2010

I'll echo other ppl here. We'll need more info.

How much does the drive work ?

Spins up ?
BIOS see it ?

>From there, ya got the copy/paste options with another drive, or my
preferred method: ghost (or similar alternative) copying it with ignore
errors turned on.... then attempting to molest the image file (or loading it
onto a known working drive).

Options of replacing the controller board on the drive are good as well.
 Have done that a few times.

External drives are cheap and  usually have software available to
auto-backup stuff, etc.  Seriously consider suggesting your friend spend the
$75-$150 on something like that.

I have a neglected backup solution in place, but foolishly rely on raid1 for
my primary means of fault protection.


Shrock Innovations sounds really interesting!


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