[olug] Help data recovery

Matthew Will mwill at midlandsnetworksolution.com
Thu Nov 11 20:04:25 UTC 2010

I agree with eric... i am equipped to attempt data retrieval from a none
serious (dead) drive issue but beyond that no.  No spare time today but
could make time tomorrow.

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It depends a lot on how hard the drive crashed; if it still spins,
there's a 
better chance to get the data back than if it quit powering on
Sometimes data recovery is no more than plugging a drive into a SATA/IDE
to USB 
adapter and copying/pasting.  Other times it's swapping circuit boards
from a 
new drive to the dead one.  If it's not spinning at all, then a clean
becomes a certainty.
I can recover data short of one that would need a clean room, but I'm in
City at this point.

 I ran the Harry Potter books through a spell checker; none of those
should work.

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A friend of mine has experienced what I think is a hard drive crash with
backup.  Since he is in omaha and I am not he was asking me where to
have it
checked and the data recovered.  Since I live in lincoln I really don't
any of the omaha companies.  Anyone have any recommendations?  He got a
quote from a company that I can't remember the name of now for 500 to
dollars.  Are any of those send away companies any good.  Thanks for
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