[olug] [OT] anDroid recommendations HP Palm WebOS?

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 23:17:04 UTC 2010

phone died.  Looking to get an android for Verizon/Alltel.  Have a
great plan from Alltel for tethering.
ME:       Want to do everything that i do with my existing phones.
Verizon: Yep, you can do that with no changes to your plan.
ME:       Everything!:))) Really, no changes!  :))))
Verizon: Everything:)
ME:       Well, i notice that some of these Droid's have mobile
wireless hotspot.  i don't need to create a hotspot, i just need to
Verizon:  You can't tether, you have to pay an additional
$20.00/month/phone for tethering  ~~~ $215.00/month.  (We pay too much
already - mostly for tethering.)
ME:        :((( i tether with my existing phone.  You said my plan
does not change, so do you have a android that tethers without
creating a hotspot.
Verizon:  No. You have to have mobile wifi hotspot added to your account.
ME:        :(( ;(  But we had tethering added to both phones years ago.

The $0.00  Linux based HP Palm WebOS could be ok as well, but i don't
know know much about it.  Anybody really like it?

So there is a $250 price difference and since this would be two
phones, upto $500.00 we really do not have.  Anybody have some strong
feelings about the following.  i would like to write some java apps.
Syncing Calendar, ToDo List, and AddressBook is a must have which we
pretty much do already with our shared gmail account.

The LG Ally (reconditioned) is "free" with two year contract, but seen
some nasty reviews.  Verizon rep says it is stuck at the 2.1 version
of the OS.

Price with 2 year committment:
$0.00      Palm® Pixi™ Plus  (Palm WebOS, NOT android.  All others anDroid.)
$0.00      LG Ally Droid reconditioned
$49.99    LG Ally Droid (new)
$99.99    DROID by Motorola (Certified Pre-Owned)
$99.99    DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC (Certified Pre-Owned)

$149.99  DROID 2 by MOTOROLA
$149.99  DROID X by MOTOROLA (Certified Pre-Owned)

$179.99  Motorola Droid PRO  (when available -maybe now, maybe not now)
$199.99  DROID X by MOTOROLA
$199.99 DROID 2 Global by MOTOROLA
$199.99 Samsung Fascinate™ a Galaxy S™ phone

$249.99 DROID R2D2 by MOTOROLA

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