[olug] OT: PSA

Tim & Alethea Larson thelarsons3 at cox.net
Tue Nov 9 02:03:11 UTC 2010

On 11/2/10 8:50 PM, Kevin wrote:
> We are not necessarily a 2 party system; we are effectively, though.
> Suppose there are 4 parties(A, B, C,&  D), representing 32%, 29%, 21%, and
> 18%(I just pulled those numbers out of thin air) of the population at
> election #1. Parties C&  D are going to merge so they can get 39% of the
> population and a majority. That merger will create a 5th party(E) and
> abolish C&  D. The proportions for parties A, B,&  E are now at 32%, 29%,
> and 39%. Then parties A&  B will merge so they can get 61% of the vote and
> between them, gain the majority back. Thus, you have 2 parties. I don't
> remember enough of my college government class to see the way around it,
> though(something about a winner-take-all system, though?).

I'd like to see those kinds of coalitions form from the representatives 
once they are in office, though, rather than forcing voters to sacrifice 
their principles before they ever put anybody in office to begin with. 
Because of the system, there are large blocs of people who don't have 
anybody in office that really represents their views.  With Condorcet, 
or maybe proportional representation used in one chamber of a bicameral 
body, there'd be a good chance that 5-10% of the group may be from "your 
party".  That might not be enough to set agendas, but enough for the 
leaders to court you to get bills through, and that means you would have 
some influence.


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