[olug] Automating killing a *nix process from a windows box

troehr at nj-onramp.com troehr at nj-onramp.com
Wed Mar 24 01:10:43 UTC 2010

cygwin and ssh would be the way to go as per Cooper and Dave...

easy script to write after that is installed.

And I am disappointed your Solaris team didn't suggest this to you...


grep Quoting "T. J. Brumfield" <enderandrew at gmail.com>:

> I can install Cygwin if I need to.
> -- T. J.
> On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 10:45 AM, Dave Rowe <dave at roweware.com> wrote:
>> On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 10:41 AM, T. J. Brumfield   
>> <enderandrew at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Here is the problem. We have error logs spitting out on Windows boxes
>>> about GoldenGate processes locking up on a Solaris box. This is a
>>> known bug that GoldenGate is hoping to fix in their next release. The
>>> Solaris team has told me these logs aren't visible from the Solaris
>>> boxes, despite the fact that is where GoldenGate is actually running.
>>> I don't exactly believe that, but I have to go off what they tell me.
>>> If the logs appeared on the Solaris boxes themselves, I could write a
>>> script that would watch the log, try to see the error message, pull
>>> out the PID and then kill the process. But the logs are only in our
>>> Windows environment.
>>> I've been trying to ask our Solaris team if the Solaris boxes have
>>> postfix or any type of mail server running, where we could send an
>>> email to those boxes with a PID to kill. But they don't seem to know
>>> anything about the systems they are running.
>>> I do believe there are tools where I can pass commands into a putty
>>> session, but what would be the best way to automate the process of
>>> either watching a log or reading an email in Windows, pulling out a
>>> PID, and then passing it to the script that will run putty, and thusly
>>> the kill command?
>>> -- T. J. Brumfield
>> Could you install Cygwin on the Windows box?  That'd give you
>> 'bash'-style access to the logs, thus, you could watch the logs, pull
>> the PID, then execute your command using SSH built-into Cygwin, right?
>> -Dave
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